Privacy Policy

Our privacy notice

This page was last updated on 08 June 2018.


  • We keep to a minimum the information we hold about you
  • We use your data to provide our services to you, meet our legal obligations and protect our legal position, improve our products and services, and secure and protect our staff and premises
  • We delete your data when it is no longer needed for these things
  • Generally, we do not give your information to third parties
  • You have lots of privacy rights
  • We are happy to answer your questions about any of this

Who we are

We are Boswells Coffee Company Limited. You can contact us by emailing or by writing to:
Boswells Group
18 High Street
OX11 8EQ

What data we hold

If you are a customer, we may hold the following information about you:

  • CCTV recordings
  • payment-related information
  • feedback you have provided to us (such as on a feedback form or through our website) or if you get in touch with us
  • interactions with our Facebook page (

If you are a potential employee, we may hold your contact details, CV, and covering letter.

If you visit our website, we will hold a record of your IP address and information sent by your browser.

Using your information

References to the basis of processing (e.g. “(Basis: Art. 6(f).)”) are a reference to the article of the General Data Protection Regulation under which we undertake the processing in question.

Serving you

If you pay by card, we process your information to take your payment. If you would rather we did not do this, you can pay with cash.

(Basis: Art. 6(b): this is necessary to deliver the service to you.)

Answering your questions and responding to your comments

If you get in touch with us, we will use your information to answer your questions and respond to your comments.

(Basis: Art. 6(f): we do this for the legitimate interest of providing the best possible service to you.)

Accountancy and tax purposes

We retain information about payments for accountancy and taxation purposes.

(Basis: Art. 6(c): we have to do this to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.)

Securing our premises and dealing with emergencies

We use our CCTV recordings to protect our customers and staff, to secure our premises, and to deal with emergencies.
(Basis: Art. 6(f): we do this for the legitimate interest of providing the best possible service to you)

Processing your application for employment

If you have applied for a job with us, we will use your information to process your application and respond to you.

(Basis: Art. 6(b): this is necessary to see if we want to enter into an employment contract with you.)

Secure our website and analyse our traffic

We may use the logs from our web site and other servers to assist with our security, as well as to determine visitor behaviour and help us plan our business strategy (e.g. such as working out which pages on the site are most popular, or whether particular events have caused an increase in traffic).

(Basis: Art. 6(c): we have legal and regulatory obligations to protect our systems. Art. 6(f): strategy planning is a legitimate thing for a business to do.)

Your data and the EEA

We do not transfer or process data outside the European Economic Area.

We use Google Analytics on our website, and Google may process your data outside the EEA.

Your rights

You have lots of rights in respect of our processing of your personal data:

  • the right to information about our processing of your data, as set out in this notice.
  • the right of access to personal data we hold about you and the right to data portability.
  • the right to have inaccurate data corrected.
  • the right to erasure of your data, the right to restrict processing, and
  • the right to object to processing, in some situations.
  • the right to complain to a supervisory authority, although we will obviously try to put right anything we have got wrong long before you need to do that.

You can exercise these rights by emailing or by writing to:
Boswells Group
18 High Street
OX11 8EQ

Keeping hold of your data

We keep records of transactions, such as credit card slips, for six years, and records of customer feedback and communications for one year.

We keep CCTV recordings for approximately six weeks. If we have archived a recording (e.g. of a break-in), we will keep that archived recording for as long as is needed.

If you are a prospective employee, we will keep your contact details, CV, and covering letter for one month if you are not successful.

We keep our server logs for approximately a year.

Third parties

As a general principle, we will not transfer your personal data to third parties without your permission. If we need to give data to the emergency services (such as CCTV recordings to the police, in the event of a break-in), we will do so.

We have a small number of companies providing services to us, such as our IT support provider and our CCTV provider, who may have access to your personal data.